We want to reiterate the appreciation that Marketplace CEO Kevin Counihan expressed on Friday’s assister webinar and thank you for your hard work and your commitment to your communities.  Millions of Americans need and value your persistence, patience, and kindness in supporting them through the eligibility and enrollment process.  

In just one year under the Affordable Care Act, 10.3 million uninsured Americans have gained access to quality, affordable health care. Saturday marked another milestone for the Health Insurance Marketplace as Open Enrollment begins for a second year, and we are off to a great start. In the first eight hours, more than 23,000 people submitted an application. Over the weekend, more than a million people visited HealthCare.gov and CuidadodeSalud.gov to learn about their options, shop for affordable plans or to get enrolled. Since it launched, 1.2 million people have shopped for coverage using our new window shopping tool. In addition, our Call Center took more than 200,000 calls this weekend. Over 20,000 of those calls were with our Spanish-speaking representatives.Even with the successful start of this Open Enrollment, we will continue to work to improve the consumer experience and apply lessons learned.

The vast majority of users are having a smooth experience during the first days of Open Enrollment on HealthCare.gov as they fill out applications and browse and enroll in plans. We are also hearing encouraging reports from the field where enrollment events are occurring nationwide.  Numerous media outlets have reported on the ease of using HealthCare.gov, including The Washington Post, which said “HealthCare.gov opens without major problems for second enrollment period” and CNN which wrote “Obamacare 2.0 kicks off without a hitch.” Several outlets, including the New York Times (NYT) and Reuters, also reported that “thousands of people turned up for hundreds of enrollment events around the country at public libraries, churches, shopping malls, community colleges, clinics, hospitals and other sites.”(NYT)

We may only have half the time compared to last year’s Open Enrollment, and an added challenge of renewals, but we’re confident that together with your help we can work twice as hard in reaching our goal of giving Americans access to the quality, affordable coverage they deserve. Thank you for the critical role you play, and we appreciate your hard work helping individuals enroll in coverage.  Keep up the energy and let’s start off this year’s Open Enrollment strong!   

NEW BLOG by Secretary Burwell: The Marketplace is Open!
Join the millions of Americans who now have access to quality, affordable coverage: sign up today!

#ReadySetEnroll Updates

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The Marketplace is open – sign up for 2015 health care coverage TODAY! Visit http://healthcare.gov  for more #GetCovered#ReadySetEnroll

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Spread the word: You can sign up for health coverage starting today → http://go.wh.gov/uoSQUC #GetCovered#ReadySetEnroll

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What you need to know about the Marketplace and how to #GetCovered for 2015: http://www.hhs.gov/blog/2014/11/15/the-marketplace-is-open.html …. #ReadySetEnroll

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The Health Insurance Marketplace is open! Sign up for 2015 coverage today! http://healthcare.gov #ReadySetEnrollhttp://youtu.be/o4DmFR2_Mps 


#GetCovered Updates

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#GetCovered update: @HealthCareGov opened for business shortly after 1am. In first 8 hrs, 23K+ people submitted an app. #ReadySetEnroll

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More #GetCovered News: 1.2M unique visitors shopped for coverage last wk using our new window shopping tool. #ReadySetEnroll 


Sylvia Burwell @SecBurwell
This weekend people across the country started learning about their affordable health care options. #ReadySetEnroll#GetCovered

Sylvia Burwell  ‏@SecBurwell
#GetCovered Update: 1M+ people visited @HealthCareGov & @CuidadoDeSalud to learn about their options, shop for plans or get enrolled.

Sylvia Burwell @SecBurwell
Our call center took 200K+ calls this weekend and over 20K of those calls were to our Spanish speaking representatives. #ReadySetEnroll 

Sylvia Burwell ‏@SecBurwell
More #GetCovered News: 1.2M unique visitors shopped for coverage last wk using our new window shopping tool. #ReadySetEnroll


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