Beginning this week, consumers can visit the window shopping tool to review information on health insurance plans offered in their area, including information on covered benefits and physician and hospital networks.  There are  more plans on the market this year than there were last year.  After answering a few questions, such as place of residence and family size, consumers can compare plans and get an estimate on how much financial assistance they may qualify for before submitting an application.

  • This year consumers are able to email, share a link to a plan, and print information so they can review options when and where it’s convenient for them.
  • Window shopping has been optimized for smart phone and tablet use.
  • Premium estimates are more accurate thanks to more robust data. For example, tobacco rates are included in the tool.
  • It’s important that current Marketplace enrollees also review new plan options. Every year insurance companies make changes to premiums, cost-sharing and benefits; also, new plans are being offered in 2015.

To preview plans in your area, visit:

To view the press release on the window shopping tool, visit:

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