Immediate enrollment into Managed Care

Please share this information with administrative, clinical, and billing staff.

Effective February 1, 2014 individuals determined mandatory for Managed Care, will be immediately enrolled into a Managed Care Organization (Arbor Health Plan, CoventryCares or UnitedHealthcare Community Plan), effective the first day of the month that a health plan is chosen (either voluntarily or through auto-assignment). Prior to February 1, 2014, enrollment in managed care began the first of the following month the health plan was chosen. This is a change in the timing of enrollment of clients in the managed care program.

With immediate enrollment, providers will need to check eligibility status and managed care enrollment the day of the individual’s appointment or service. When contacting the Nebraska Medicaid Eligibility System (NMES) line providers will need to listen to the entire message to ensure receipt of complete eligibility and enrollment information.

For example, if an individual is determined mandatory to enroll in managed care on February 5th, the client will be enrolled in Arbor, Coventry or UnitedHealthcare immediately and that enrollment will be made effective back to February 1st.

Eligibility information is available by using the following link, by calling the NMES line at 800-642-6092 (toll free) or (402) 471-9580 (Lincoln area), or the Medicaid Inquiry line at 877-255-3092 (toll free) or (402) 471-9128 (Lincoln area) or

If you have questions regarding the information in the bulletin, please contact the Medicaid Inquiry Line at 877-255-3092 (toll free) or (402) 471-9128 (Lincoln area).

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