ICD-10: Checklists and Timelines Released

CFOs were introduced to planning for the ICD-10 conversion during last week’s HCAN call:  The Project Team, Budgeting, Staff and Resources affected and Communications.  Key resources are attached to this eBrief for distribution to accomplish Checkpoint (1)—“Review ICD-10 Resources” and Checkpoint (2) — “Inform your staff / colleagues” from the CMS checklist discussed below.

Here is the timeline of activities that should be taking place in your facility over the coming months.

(Retrieved from the CMS website http://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Coding/ICD10/Downloads/ICD10SmallMediumTimelineChart.pdf ).

CMS’ checklists offer an easy-to-understand lists of tasks. Each task also includes an estimated timeframe, allowing you to plan based on your current progress. Depending on your organization, you may be able perform some of the tasks on a compressed timeline or at the same time as other tasks. HCAN will be sending weekly materials to make progress.

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