CMS is updating the certified application counselor (CAC) service locations on Find Local Help (FLH), and we need your help.  If you are a CAC, we request that you take a look at your CAC service location(s) and contact information and do the following:

  1. If [your organization] is still providing CAC services at the location(s) listed on FLH and no updates are needed; there is no action for you to take.
  2. If [your organization] is no longer actively providing CAC services to consumers at the location(s) listed on FLH, please inform CMS at  In the subject line of the email, please type ‘Non-Active CAC Service Location’.  CMS will provide further instructions upon receipt of your email.
  3. If you need to make updates to your organization’s CAC service locations or contact information, please select the Request Corrections link on FLH.  The requested change will be displayed on FLH within one week. To add an entirely new location, send a request to the CACQuestions mailbox.  In addition, if your CAC organization provides assistance to consumers in multiple languages, please request to add these languages to the service locations where the languages are spoken.  This will help non-English speaking consumers easily locate your organization.

Find Local Help is the primary online tool where Federally-facilitated Marketplace (FFM) assister information is housed.  Your updates will help consumers have access to the best resource available to find an assister in their area.

If you need additional assistance or clarification about this request, please submit your question or concern to  If you are a Navigator grantee and would like to update Find Local Help with your organization’s information please contact your CMS Project Officer. If your organization is an in-person assister organization, please contact your state’s Marketplace.

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