ECDHD/Good Neighbor awarded $200K in Rural Health Grant funding from the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy

The Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) is pleased to announce the 60 new awardees for the 2015 Rural Health Care Services Outreach (Outreach) grant program. Each grantee will receive up to $200,000 a year to implement three-year projects, which will help create innovative solutions to benefit the community and address its needs. These grantees will be working with a consortium of local health care providers to expand and enhance the rural health care service delivery system so that it is more coordinated and integrated. Because these grantees have adopted or adapted an evidence-based or promising practice model, they will maximize their time providing services to help improve population health and demonstrate outcomes, as well as implementing strategies to sustain their projects.  These funded organizations are helping to change how health care is being delivered in rural communities. Please watch this short video that will provide a glimpse into the new 2015 cohort.

The 2012 cohort of Outreach grantees, which closed out April 30th, 2015, was the first group to adopt or tailor an evidence-base or promising practice model to address their community need.  As a result of FORHP’s funding, grantees have been able to implement results driven programs.  For example, Irwin County Board of Health in Ocilla, GA, adapted the National Diabetes Education Program “Power to Prevent: A Family Lifestyle Approach to Diabetes Prevention” curriculum and found at the end of their second year of their operation, 89% of their diabetic adult patients had a HgA1c <8.0%.  Another grantee, Nevada County Behavioral Health in Grass Valley, CA, served the seriously mentally ill (SMI) diabetics using the IMPACT and Quadrant IV Clinical Integration models to integrate behavioral and physical healthcare. By the second project year, this grantee observed a 25% increase in the percentage of SMI diabetic adults maintaining a HbA1c <8.0%.  FORHP looks forward to analyzing program data for this cohort and share more results with grantees and stakeholders in the future.

For more information about the Outreach program, please contact Linda Kwon (


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