Please check out the outreach and education section of Under this section, look for the link “special populations” where you can click to find more information for young adults such as tips, info for college graduates, and knowing your rights.

Thank you for your continued support helping consumers resolve outstanding immigration and citizenship data matching issues.  CMS is working hard to process the thousands of documents that have been and continue to be submitted by consumers to confirm their coverage.  Consumers with outstanding immigration and citizenship data matching issues from whom CMS has not received any copies of requested documents must send their documents to the Marketplace no later than Friday, September 5, or their Marketplace coverage may end by September 30.  CMS knows how important it is for consumers and their families to stay covered through the Marketplace, and while they continue to reach out, they are relying heavily on your efforts to help consumers in your communities resolve their data matching issues and remain covered.

Since assisters serve many different communities across the country, they are a valuable resource to help consumers with limited English proficiency to understand and resolve data matching or inconsistency issues. If you work with consumers with limited English proficiency, CMS encourages you to please reach out to these consumers and encourage them to call the Marketplace Call Center to see if they have data matching or inconsistency issues. If so, CMS encourages you to work with them to resolve these issues.     

Finally, because resolving data matching issues is an essential part of helping consumers with their Marketplace application and enrollment, CMS reassures you that you can reach out to consumers who have previously come to you for assistance in enrolling in coverage so long as they consented to being re-contacted for follow up with their applications or enrollment.

CMS will be posting the presentation from last week’s Deep Dive session on this topic to their redesigned Technical Assistance Resources page soon. 

There is no assister webinar this week.  We wish you and your families a safe Labor Day holiday.  After the Labor Day holiday, CMS will resume a weekly webinar schedule beginning in September in advance of the Open Enrollment Period.  Please be sure to mark these dates on your calendar. We look forward to your participation!

Friday, August 29: No Webinar
Friday, September 5: Webinar at 1 pm CDT *Weekly Schedule Resumes
Friday September 12: Webinar at 1 pm CDT
Friday, September 19: Webinar at 1 pm CDT
Friday, September 26: Webinar at 1 pm CDT                   

HRSA has issued a new FTCA: Health Center Policy Manual.  The new manual includes an expansion of FTCA coverage for services rendered to non-health center patients in certain individual emergencies.  In addition, the manual clarifies that FTCA coverage is available when health center staff conduct or participate in health fairs and immunization campaigns for both children/adolescents and adults.  These changes were part of a Final Rule published by HHS in September 2013.

The new manual supersedes PIN 2011-01.  More on the new manual.

Registration is open for an NCCRT webinar on a new NCCRT Resource:  Steps for Increasing Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates:  A Manual for Community Health Centers on Thursday, September 11th  from 12:00 Noon – 1:00 pm EST.  See registration information below.


Description of Event:

This webinar will introduce participants to a new NCCRT resource: “Steps for Increasing Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates: A Manual for Community Health Centers,” which is being released in early September.

The manual provides instructions to enable Community Health Centers to implement expert-endorsed processes for improving colorectal cancer screening and follow-up care – one step at a time.  The manual covers important topics, such as conducting baseline screening rates, assessing capacity and preparing your team.  The webinar will go over how to use the manual, give a high level overview of specific sections and introduce participants to the many resources in the appendix.



Richard Wender, MD

Chief Cancer Control Officer, American Cancer Society

Chair, National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable

Maria Syl D. de la Cruz, MD

Instructor, Department of Family & Community Medicine

Jefferson Medical College/Thomas Jefferson University

Mona Sarfaty, MD, MPH

Director, Program for Climate and Health, Center for Climate Change Communication
George Mason University



This webinar is open to NCCCP grantees, CDC CRCCP grantees, NCCRT members, 80% by 2018 supporters and ACS Health Systems staff.


Registration information:

Please reserve your webinar seats now:

Here is the link to a presentation by Enroll America featuring best practices and tips on how to hold a successful outreach event, including identifying different types of events, steps to organize an event, and suggested outreach efforts leading up to November 15th.  The presentation is available on Enroll America’s website, here. Here also is the link to the presentation from their Technical Assistance Resources page under Training Materials.

We encourage you to share these materials and other information about local resources during your conversations with consumers so that individuals know where, and how, to access care in your community. Additional From Coverage to Care resources including videos in English and Spanish are available on

Assisters can:

Print resources available to order now include the full Roadmap booklet, booklets by individual step, Discussion Guide, poster size Roadmaps, and one page consumer tools.

As a reminder, you can find the assister presentation on From Coverage to Care: Using the Roadmap & Discussion Guide here:

Thursday, Sept. 25 at 12noon CT (11am Mt)

Duration: 90 minutes

Online by instructor Jim Sheldon Dean

Register here

Overview: The HIPAA Breach Notification Rule has been in effect since September 23, 2009 and had recently been significantly modified. We will discuss the origins of the rule and how it works, including interactions with other HIPAA rules and penalties for violations. Areas covered in the session:

  • Breach Notification Laws
    • State Breach Notification Laws
    • Changes to HIPAA Breach Notification
    • Federal Breach Notification Law and Regulation
    • The Who, What, and How of Breach Notification
    • The Risk Assessment Process in Breach Notification
  • Preventing and Preparing for Breaches
    • Using an Information Security Management Process
    • Using Risk Analysis and Risk Assessment Before a Breach
    • Most Common Types of Breaches
    • Information Security, Incident, and Breach Notification Policies
    • The Importance of Documentation
  • Enforcement and Audits
    • New HIPAA Violation Categories and Penalties
    • Preparing for HIPAA Audits
    • Case Studies
  • Future Trends and New Threats to Prepare For
    • History vs. the Future
    • Why Security Trends Are Changing
    • Implications of New Directions in Attacks and Targets

Sponsored by MentorHealth

September Medicare PPS Trainings

September 3, 2014

September 4, 2014

Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport

Register now for:

September 3 training

September 4 training

In preparation for these changes, NACHC is offering a one-day, intensive workshop to prepare health centers and look-alikes to implement the new Medicare PPS regulations.   This training will address:

• The Practical and legal aspects of the new Medicare PPS rule • The Medicare PPS Rule and Billing • Medicare Advantage

PLEASE NOTE: The focus of this day long training is on the NEW Medicare PPS Rules. Time will not be allotted for other Medi­care related issues such as completing your Health Center Medicare Cost Report. Please refer to the Pre-requisites below for more information.   Prerequisites In addition to this one day training, NACHC is requiring all attendees to attend the following two FREE webinars (or view the recording):

Training Dates and Locations

September 3, 2014 – Chicago, IL Register online here Click here for the brochure. Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport O’Hare International Airport Chicago, IL 60666 (773) 686-8000 Group Rate: $119 Click here to make hotel reservations. September 4, 2014 – Chicago, IL Register online here Click here for the brochure. Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport O’Hare International Airport Chicago, IL 60666 (773) 686-8000 Group Rate: $119 Click here to make hotel reservations. Additional trainings are scheduled for October and November.

Each training is capped at 75 attendees and we are prioritizing those health centers that will implement in 2014.

Registration Information Early Bird Registration: $250 Regular and On-site: $300 For questions, contact Jaime Hirschfeld at or (301) 347-0460.

Whether at the Cottonwood Fire in the panhandle, the Colorado floodwaters at North Platte, or the Tornado at Beaver Crossing; Churches played a major role in the response and recovery for every emergency that I have responded to.  The churches brought food, set up shelters, provided counselling and helped in countless other ways.  Some houses of worship have cultural services to Asian, Middle Eastern, and/or Spanish speaking members of our communities. These and other community-based entities provide a service during a disaster that is not easily delivered by any other entity.

FEMA is offering a Webinar for Houses of worship and Community organizations (see below). “This webinar is for anyone interested in learning more about resources to help faith-based and communitybased organizations get prepared for emergencies and help their communities to do the same.”

It is on August 19 at 2:00 Central (1:00 Mountain).  Please disseminate this information freely.  

It is also posted on the FEMA web page: