Upcoming 340B Drug Discount Program Events

Back by popular demand, NACHC will once again be hosting a 340B University at the Community Health Institute in San Diego on August 23rd, 2014. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Health Centers and their use of the 340B Program. Space is limited, so sign up today. Health Centers and NACHC will also be participating in the Annual 340B Coalition Conference in July in Washington, DC. See the NACHC website  Policy Shop blog for more information on both of these exciting events.

Final Reminder: HRSA Issues Two New Program Assistance Letters Impacting Health Center Operations

Last week, HRSA issued two new Program Assistance Letters (PALs): PAL #2014-07: Scope Alignment Validation in HRSA Electronic Handbooks, and PAL #2014-08, Health Center Program Requirements Oversight. Both of these PALs include important information impacting Health Centers’ compliance with Program Requirements and potential consequences of non-compliance. For more information on these important PALs, please check out the NACHC website  Policy Shop blog.

Health Centers Serving Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Populations Enrichment Webinar on June 24 at 12:30pm CT (11:30am MT)

BPHC’s Office of National Assistance and Special Populations (ONASP) is hosting an Enrichment Webinar Series for Health Center Program Grantees, Look-Alikes, and partners.

This webinar will provide an overview of LGBT health disparities, demographics, and terminology, as well as key strategies for providing high quality care and increased access to the LGBT community. Participants will also learn tips for creating LGBT-inclusive environments of care.


  • Harvey J. Makadon, MD, Director, National LGBT Health Education Center, The Fenway Institute, Fenway Health
  • Jonathan Chapman, Executive Director, Louisiana Primary Care Association
  • Avein Saaty-Tafoya, MBA, HCM, Chief Executive Officer, Adelante Healthcare

Presentation materials and the session recording will be available at BPHC Training Opportunities.

To connect online, please use the following Adobe Connect and conference call information:

Please contact Julie Breen, jbreen@hrsa.gov, if you have any questions.

Health IT Fundamentals for Rural Clinics and Community Health Centers – 8 weeks, 40-hour training

Are you a healthcare professional interested in learning more about health information technology? Are you an active participant in helping your health care facility achieve meaningful use? Fine-tune your skills and help to advance health IT in your office, practice, or facility with an 8-week, 40-hour health IT training program. This online training course is designed to hone the skills and knowledge needed to advance health IT initiatives and meet meaningful use criteria.

Health Centers Serving LGBT Populations Enrichment Webinar on June 24 12:30pm CT (11:30am MT)

BPHC is hosting a webinar to provide an overview of LGBT health disparities, demographics and terminology, as well as key strategies for bringing high quality care to the LGBT community at health centers.

View more information on this webinar.

NACHC Quality Management (QM) Webinar June 24 at 12:30pm CT (11:30am MT)

This live hour-long Webinar (Call-in Only option available) will feature both formal presentation of quality-focused material, interactive Q&A following each section, and links to relevant and useful additional resources.  PowerPoint-based content will address three primary areas:

•Quality in the Rapidly-Evolving Environment:
A changing health care focus, with new health center opportunities and accountabilities; current health center requirements / initiatives and their implications for quality; today’s quality challenge
•The Nuts & Bolts of Quality Management (QM):
Defining quality in a systems context; the Strategic Quality Triad; the distinct phases of  QM; measurement and process improvement; quality, cost, and value
•Quality as a Unifying Construct:
The “quality umbrella”; the QM Plan as an organizational road map; structuring for quality; a unifying quality hierarchy (metrics, categories, and Metric Paks)
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New Medicare Prospective Payment System (PPS) for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs): Operational Requirements Call – Wednesday, June 25, 2014, 12:30pm – 2:00pm, CT (11:30am – 1:00pm MT)

As required by Section 10501 of the Affordable Care Act, FQHCs will transition to PSS beginning October 1, 2014. This National Provider webinar will provide information on operational requirements of the new payment system.  View more information on the webinar and register.

Health Center Program Requirements Oversight Program Assistance Letter (PAL) 2014-08

HRSA has issued PAL 2014-08 to provide policy clarification and updated program guidance regarding the HRSA/BPHC Progressive Action process. PAL 2014-08 includes information about enforcement actions as well as when and how program requirements compliance status and past performance impacts funding award decisions.

View more information on PAL 2014-08.

Scope Alignment Validation in HRSA Electronic Handbooks Program Assistance Letter (PAL) 2014-07

HRSA has issued PAL 2014-07 to describe the process for health centers to review their updated Scope of Project Forms 5A and 5B, make limited allowable updates, and certify the resulting services and sites in scope via the Scope Alignment Validation (SAV) deliverable in the HRSA Electronic Handbooks (EHB).

View more information about SAV.

FY 2014 Health Center Expanded Services (ES) Supplemental Funding TA Call recording now available

The recording and transcript of the ES Supplemental Funding Opportunity technical assistance call held June 6, 2014 are now available.  Please continue to check the ES TA website for updated materials, including new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).