HCAN Website Launch

Welcome to our HCAN Website!

The Health Center Association of Nebraska (HCAN) is excited to launch our website www.HCANebraska.org  and welcome you to a new source of information about and for Nebraska’s Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), also known as Community Health Centers.  Within these web pages, you will find our vision, our mission, our story – all addressing the primary health needs of Nebraska’s most vulnerable low-income patients. We hope our online endeavor will both connect patients with a high quality, cost saving, patient-centered medical home and serve Community Health Centers by providing information, expertise, training and technical assistance.

Nebraska is proud to be among the healthiest states in the nation, but considerable disparities remain in access to health care for low income and minority patients.  We can do better!  Nebraska’s Community Health Centers remain a critical part of our state’s safety net, granting access for all to healthier lives and a more productive workforce now and in the future.  In terms of the economic impact our Nebraska Community Health Centers have in their communities, check out NE Health Center Information for our impressive story!

We invite you to explore our website to find out About Us, our Services, our Resources, our Health Centers, and the exciting News affecting the delivery of primary health care across the state.  We are plugged into social media to enhance our conversation with you.  We welcome your input and invite you to join our newsletter email list to see what’s happening and new initiatives planned by HCAN.  Our first issue is coming soon!

The Health Center Association of Nebraska is the nation’s newest state primary care association, but our Nebraska Community Health Centers have a long history of success in serving Nebraska’s most vulnerable populations.  Now as “Partners for Excellence and Health Equity,” HCAN and Nebraska’s Community Health Centers strive for even higher goals in building healthier lives and more productive workers.

Your Partner for Excellence and Health Equity,

Nancy Thompson