Updated Healthcare.gov Content Lists 2015 Maximum Out of Pocket Costs

Earlier this month, Healthcare.gov was updated with new content that lists the 2015 maximum out of pocket costs for all Marketplace plans.

The maximum out-of-pocket costs for any Marketplace plan for 2015 are $6,600 for an individual plan and $13,200 for a family plan. When the total amount a consumer pays in deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance reaches these limits, the insurance company pays 100% of the consumer’s costs for covered care. These limits apply even for consumers who choose a catastrophic coverage plan. Monthly premiums do not count towards the out-of-pocket maximum.
• To view the new “Out-of-pocket costs” page, use this link: https://www.healthcare.gov/choose-a-plan/out-of-pocket-costs/

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