Marketplace Form 1095-A Corrections

At this time, the Marketplace estimates that Form 1095-A correction requests may take more than 30 days to complete. Consumers who request a correction now may not get a determination regarding their correction requests in time to meet the April 18th IRS deadline to file 2015 federal income taxes. Consumers waiting on a Form 1095-A correction from the Marketplace should contact a tax preparer or go to to find out what to do next, which could include requesting an extension to file 2015 federal income taxes. Let consumers know that an extension to file a tax return doesn’t give the consumer more time to pay any taxes that may be due.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Form 1095-A corrections:

Q: What happens after the consumer believes their Form 1095-A to be incorrect and contacts the Marketplace call center? 

A: Marketplace Call Center Representatives enter consumer requests into the Health Insurance Casework System (HICS) for review by the Form 1095-A Issue Resolution Team. The Issue Resolution Team will review the request and contact the consumer via telephone when a determination regarding the Form 1095-A correction has been made. During the telephone call, the Issue Resolution Team Representative will let the consumer know whether the request to correct the Form 1095-A has been approved or denied and next steps to take depending on the determination. The Form 1095-A Issue Resolution Team will not call the consumer regarding an address change or reprint request.

Q: How long does the Marketplace have to review and correct a 1095-A initiated by a consumer?

A: The Form 1095-A Issue Resolution Team may take 30 days or more to review a correction request, make a determination and notify the consumer.

Q: If the consumer doesn’t agree with the Issue Resolution Teams’ determination of their 1095-A correction request, can the consumer request secondary review of the 1095-A correction request?

A: Yes, the consumer can request a secondary review of their initial Form 1095-A correction request. To initiate the secondary review, the consumer should make the request with the Form 1095-A Issue Resolution Team when the representative calls to communicate the initial correction request determination. If after the secondary review, the initial determination is upheld, the consumer can file a “Statement of Disagreement.” Instructions on how to file the statement will be included in the denial letter sent to the consumer.

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